Postage Boxes Vs Ecommerce Packaging

There are basically four different differences between postal boxes and Ecommerce Packaging: speed, boxing experience, address and delivery (or delivery). There are also some significant differences in cost, availability and level of privacy protection. Postage-paid boxes generally have a faster delivery time, while Ecommerce ones tend to be less costly. Postage-paid ones also have more security measures, while many Ecommerce sites don’t really care. However, this is largely irrelevant for the buyers or consumers cardboard boxes.

In fact, it’s worth remembering that postal boxes and Ecommerce ones are actually quite similar. Postage-paid ones often cost more as well, so when you are choosing your postal or private postbox, it’s worth comparing prices. However, when you are ordering something online, you can simply use PayPal or Click2Pay to pay for your item, which eliminates the need for a third party payment processor. If you still prefer to use a third party payment processor like Google Checkout or Bidvertiser, then you’ll be glad to know that there are now third party payment processors available on many Ecommerce sites. These payment processors usually allow you to take advantage of their “brick and mortar” shopping cart option to display your products on your Ecommerce site. Many of them also allow you to use Credit Card security features and offer direct credit card payments from your Ecommerce site, so you won’t have to worry about remembering secure credit card details and making payments in cash.

As for address and delivery, both mailing boxes and Ecommerce mailings can take advantage of USPS residential delivery services. Postage-paid and private postboxes can be sent out on regular first class mailing services and express mail services, with most postal boxes offering you two-day delivery service. Ecommerce mailings can also use any number of available mailing services, including regular first, priority and express mail services. If you have an internet site, your website visitors can even download your electronic greeting cards directly from your website, which can be accessed virtually by anyone in the world and delivered via email in just seconds.

So now we come to the second part of the postal boxes vs. Ecommerce packaging dilemma: the boxing experience. Mailing and delivery services will ensure that your packages will arrive in perfect condition, especially considering that they will use cardboard boxes that are durable and weatherproof, and which are designed to withstand any kind of pressure when being transported. In contrast, Ecommerce sites will almost certainly not be shipping anything in cardboard boxes. Instead, users will probably be ordering from third party fulfillment houses or online auction sites where they will be receiving their packages in plastic packaging, or whatever packaging is available.

Even though the actual physical sizes of goods that may be shipped using postal boxes will almost certainly differ from those used by mail-forwarding companies, some aspects of the actual shipping process may still have a bearing on the actual delivery size. For instance, the height of a parcel will need to be considered and, if it’s a large item, the weight as well. The number of pieces in the package, the total weight, the number of individual pieces and the size of the package overall will also all play a role in the shipping container’s actual size and shape.

In the final analysis, both postal boxes and ecommerce packaging solutions can provide the best postal services. Mail forwarding companies do offer many advantages over online auction sites, but they also have to deal with many more variables than the average seller does. A shipping company should be able to calculate the best postal rates for the particular goods being shipped and should be able to quote these accurately. However, if you’re an individual seller, the best way to go about shipping your items is to make sure that you order your parcels from a reputable, professional shipping company that offers you great tracking services, and that you use the best packing materials that you can afford. In the end, though, the decision comes down to personal preference.

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