Start your own arcade machine business

Start your arcade with Arcade Evolution

If you love games, want to be your own boss, and are looking for a good business opportunity, consider starting your own arcade machine shop with the ultimate range of arcades from Arcade Evolution. An arcade business can be very rewarding if started properly and managed well. Proper groundwork and a first-rate strategy will go a long way in turning your arcade business into a money machine.

Strategic Planning

Thousands of businesses have gone bust due to lack of proper planning. Don’t let yours be one of them. Formulate an elaborate written plan covering all the key factors involved in starting and operating an arcade business. Some of the aspects your business plan should touch on are:

– Size of the arcade

– Location

– Target market

– Initial capital required and ways to raise it

– Financial analysis of costs, earnings and profits

– Marketing strategy

– Opportunities for future expansion

arcade machinesSize of the Arcade

Are you planning to start your arcade on a grand scale or do you plan to begin with a modest venture? Anything above 10,000 square feet is a large scale venture. Smaller arcades require less time to set up and would be ready to open in as little as a month. Larger ones would obviously require a lot more planning and implementation time. If you’re planning a mammoth project, a practical estimation of start up time could be anything between 1 to 5 months.


Where you set up your arcade is a vital factor in your business. It can make all the difference between success and failure. Your ideal location would depend on the market you intend to target. Whenever possible, arcades should be located in areas that people frequent on a daily basis like malls, shopping centers, schools etc. Prime locations generally charge more rent. So, figure out which would be the most feasible location with respect to potential customer traffic and affordability.

Target Market

Design your arcade according to your target market. Do you plan to target only children? Are you planning to cater to adults as well? Perhaps, you mean to open a center complete with games, food and drinks where both children and adults can find something to capture their interest. So, ascertain whether it would be practical to target only a specific market or whether a general one would work better.


Most businesses are constrained by finance. Determine the amount of investment needed and means to acquire it. Draw up a detailed financial statement incorporating your capital requirement, running costs, future earnings and profits. This will be required when you approach lending institutions like banks and financial organizations.

Marketing Strategy

Do whatever it takes to advertise your business as long as you can afford it. Print business cards, distribute fliers and place advertisements over the internet and in local newspapers.

Future Expansion

Purchase your games and all the equipment that you need to set up shop. Also decide how you’ll co-ordinate payments for games. You can use a stamped coupon system or the latest high-tech swipe card system. Analyze how you can expand and diversify to match changing market trends. The key to staying in business is to go with the flow and keep upgrading your gaming software.


Don’t forget to get licensed. There are zoning laws which prohibit the opening of arcades in certain places and also place ceiling limits on the size of the arcade. Seek permission from your local zoning board before setting up your arcade.

An arcade can bring you substantial revenues in the long run, but it can just as easily be a big failure due to sloppy planning and execution. Study all the risks involved especially in view of the fact that the popularity of home gaming systems is increasing with each passing day.

Advantages of Choosing Wedding DJ Hire Over a Live Band

As you plan your special day, one of the big decisions you are going to have to make is whether to hire a band or consider a wedding DJ hire service. There are advantages to both and many brides really struggle in making a decision, but there are a few things you need to know before you make your final decision. We ended up choose a live wedding band we trust from Apollo Live however, ill continue with my view.

Planning your wedding day can be exceptionally stressful and any bride’s biggest fear is that the day doesn’t go according to plan. While live music is always considered a better choice because you have real people up on the stage, you never know what you are going to get, especially if you don’t know the wedding band and haven’t been to a number of their performances. In addition to this, some bands unfortunately only have one volume, often loud and they may not be as good as you remember, which means you’re stuck with horrid imitations of songs you enjoy and love.

The main advantage of wedding DJ hire is that your first song can be your song. Most couples have their own song, a song that brought them together or a special song that makes them look at their relationship and see how lucky they are. When hiring a disc jockey, you get the song you want, performed by the original artist and no some imitation which may sound nothing like the real deal.

Apollo Soul Wedding BandAnother advantage is that a wedding band may be limited to the songs that they can perform, again no guarantees that they will perform them well. A wedding DJ hire company will have thousands of legal songs for you to choose from, they can cater for all age groups at the function playing softer and slower music while everyone eats and then getting lively as the reception wears on and everyone joins the dance floor.

A good wedding DJ will have the outgoing and fun personality to get everyone up on the dance floor. Sometimes when you hire a band that isn’t great, you find no one takes the leap and starts to dance, but a DJ has that uncanny ability to get everyone excited, get everyone up and get everyone dancing, which is what you want. You want everyone to celebrate your day with you and this includes everyone joining in your fun and having fun of their own during your reception.

One of the problems you encounter when hiring a live wedding band is that they take breaks. It’s understandable, you can’t expect a lead singer to sing constantly for hours on end, they need to take a bathroom break, have something to drink to sooth their throat and maybe even have something to eat. A wedding DJ can keep going, there are no breaks, the music can play on for hours and they have the knack to seamlessly get one song to flow into the next without getting everyone to stop dancing and then start again.

Another thing you need to look at when making a decision on whether to go with a band or a wedding DJ hire is the price. Often a band will be more expensive, they will bring speakers and sound equipment, but they may not provide lighting and visual effects. You will find an entertainment company that provides a DJ will provide the music, the speaks, the visual effects and fun lighting to turn the dance floor into a fun place, encouraging everyone to get up and get dancing.

Remember with a DJ you know the music you have chosen, you know what the artist sounds like and you can take some peace in the fact that there is no surprises. With a band you’re taking a gamble, unless you know them well and have seen them perform on a number of occasions.

Advantages Of Using Steel Roofing Sheets Over Tiles

Metal roofing sheets are growing choice of roofing material from Phoenix Steels. Metal roofing accounts for about 10-14% of all re-roofing jobs in the UK. They are most popular in Southeastern areas, like Cornwall, where tropical storms are a threat. There are several reasons why they are growing in popularity. First, homeowners are not as transient as they used to be. More and more homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes as they age. Since they can last more than five decades, homeowners who choose them know that they won’t need to replace it again. Other reasons include the strength and protection which they provide, and the greater design options available with meal roofing materials.

metal roofing sheetsLongevity

Metal roofs last the longest of any roofing material. Most manufacturers offer 50 year warranties for their products. With just a little maintenance, they can last up to 75 years.

Strength & Durability Benefits

Metal roofs withstand all weather conditions, from large amounts of heavy snow, to hail and high winds. They do not rot, which eliminates the possibility for insect damage. Additionally, they do not absorb water and moisture, crack or peel. They are also resistant to mildew and decay.

Cost Benefits

Metal roofs cost more than most other roofing types. The average costs are: steel shingles – £5,000-£22,000; aluminum shingles – £12,000-£24,000; copper shingles – £25,500 – £39,600. There are many variables that will determine the cost of a new metal roof, including size, material, pitch, accessibility, permits and any special labor costs associated with your roofing project. Homes with metal roofs are known for their higher resale values.

Safety Benefits

One of the greatest advantages of metal roofs is that they are fire-resistant. Unlike wood or asphalt shingled roofs, they do not burn, adding an additional level of protection for homeowners.

Environmental Benefits

There are several factors that make metal roofing environmentally-friendly, including that most can be installed over an existing roof. Installing metal roofing over an existing roof eliminates waste from a roof tear-off which would otherwise end up in a landfill. They are often made from recycled material, and metal roof materials can be recycled.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs reflect the sun and block heat transmission from the roof to the interior of a house. A pigment coated metal roof is more energy efficient because it creates a cooler home, due to the reflective pigments within in the finish.

steel roofing Design Benefits

There are many color choices and design schemes available in metal roofing materials. Painted metal is available in almost any color. There are two types of metal roofs: standing seam and corrugated. Standing seam are made up of interlocking metal panels that are placed vertically from the ridge of the roof to the eaves. Corrugated metal roofing is corrugated or rippled sheets of metal. These two roof types create different appearances. Depending on your design preference, you can choose the wavy appearance of a corrugated roof or the flat, vertical appearance of standing seam roofing.